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Your Face and Hair Surgery Center in Luxembourg

Our philosophy

The Haas Clinic is a medical and surgical center founded by Dr Stéphanie Haas.
We manage pathologies in the oral, facial and scalp fields.

You’ll receive a personal, confidential welcome in an uncluttered, spacious and light-filled clinic.
Our attentive, people-focused approach guarantees stress-free procedures.

High-quality care is, of course, the cornerstone of our work. We use the latest technologies to deliver optimal preparation and extremely precise treatment for every patient.

We’re committed to your health

We consult in English or French.

Our consultations and procedures under local anaesthetic are carried out at the Clinic.
Procedures requiring general anaesthesia take place at the Kirchberg Hospital (Robert Schuman Hospitals).

We work with dentists, orthodontists, dermatologists, ENT specialists and plastic surgeons in Luxembourg, France and Belgium.

Our areas of expertise

Oral area

– Oral surgery (wisdom teeth, impacted teeth, lip or tongue frenulum)

– Dental implants

– Pre-implant bone reconstruction

Face area

– Orthognathic surgery (facial harmonization surgery)

– Traumatology and facial reconstruction surgery

– Facial skin surgery

– Facial cosmetic medicine (fillers)

Hair area

– Hair transplant surgery :
hair transplant,
beard transplant ,
brow transplant

– Scalp reconstruction surgery

Face and Hair Surgery Center

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